Chuckanut Brewery is starting the new year off with some delicious unusual and traditional ales and lager beers. The year round standards like Pilsner, Kolsch, Vienna Lager and the Alt Bier continue to be released year round during 2019 but there are some new and collaboration beers available as well.

Chuckanut’s January seasonal lager continues as Dunkel, one of the most celebrated and medaled beers brewed in WA state. It’s hard not to like Dunkel with its malty, toffee & chocolate notes finishing clean and bright. But if you want something darker in a lager beer look no further than the Schwarzbier. This medium body, black lager has bitter chocolate, malty flavors with a smooth finish. The round, clean finish is crisp with a lingering espresso like aftertaste. Schwarz will only be available on tap in very limited supplies around Puget Sound.

Chuckanut’s special one off beers this January include the new Single Hop Lager tapping soon around the sound and down in Portland, OR. This is a lager Chuckanut will make occasionally throughout the year to highlight a different single hop. The first features Citra, a real crowd pleaser with lots of fruity notes and one that all the hop heads will love. This is best fresh so it will not last long.

The next beer in the Chuckanut Brewers Namesake Series is Ethan’s Table Saison. A typical saison that’s light colored and light on alcohol, very easy drinking. Ethan’s beer was a small batch product and kegs are limited. Make sure to try it if you see it at your local watering spot.

Chuckanut’s big collaboration beer with Grains of Wrath, Camas, WA is called Nuts of Wrath. It’s a dark Kulmbacher Export style lager with higher alcohol and IBUs. Some people call it a Schwarz on steroids or a big bitter Dunkel! It uses generous amounts of Munich & Hallertau Tradition & Mittlefruh German hops. It’s not your typical subtle lager! Watch for the big tapping down in Camas at Grains of Wrath which will also be a brewers night highlighting both breweries beers. The Camas Hotel will have a special for those that venture over for the big tapping. Contact them and ask about the brewers night special.

New World German Hop Ale continues to be on tap in very limited supplies. Enjoy this copper colored, somewhat fruity ale that uses new varietal German hops for bittering and aroma. This is an easy drinking ale.
Chuckanut Fest Bier is tasting great as it ages. This golden lager is the perfect drinking beer cuz it not only refreshing but carries a fuller body with grace and flavor, one of the best with food but great on its own. It will only be available a little while longer.

The Oat Lager was recently introduced to accounts around the sound and down in Portland, OR. It’s a blonde beer with a mild body and soft bitterness from the use of Hallertau Tradition hops. This lager has a slight fruity finish from the use of Arian hops and it full on flavor and body.

Have you had the Rye Lager yet? It’s one to try as Chuckanut knows how to brew this style of unusual beer and make it super drinkable. In England they would call it a Moorish beer (you can drink more and more of it!) with its deep golden color and spicy finish from the use of malted rye it can be found around the area on rotating taps!

The Big Bier Series now has two beers in the line-up including Baltic Porter with an 8.2% ABV and 35 IBUs. This is a smooth, high alcohol lager with lots of roast malt & dark sugar tastes. Fruity, full bodied with port like flavors, and coffee and raisins. There’s still time to taste Bock Bier also. More dried fruit flavors, deep mahogany color and richness, with over 6% ABV it’s smooth and delicious. Both these beers spent over 3 months in our fermentation tanks.

Whatever the Chuckanut beer you choose, you won’t be disappointed! Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen located at 601 West Holly St, Bellingham was awarded the National Small Brewpub/Brewer of the Year 2009 and National Small Brewery/Brewer of the Year 2011 at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). The full service “Kitchen” serves from 11:00am every day to guests of all ages with an eclectic fresh local menu. South Nut’s Tap Room is in the heart of Skagit Valley, 11937 Higgins Airport Way, Burlington and welcomes guests of all ages Monday to Friday starting at 3 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm. Check out additional information about Chuckanut Brewery at

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