Chuckanut Biers for September

Time to get out those hoodies and jackets, the sun is getting lower in the sky and it’s time for Oktoberfest! Fall is in the air and now’s the time for a change in beers. Chuckanut’s modern Fest Bier is out in the market already. Fest Bier is made to reflect the current Oktoberfest beers brewed in Germany, a golden lager meant to be consumed in liter sizes. But if you are looking for the old Marzen style Oktoberfest beer you are in luck. Chuckanut’s Old Fest will be out in the market soon. It’s fun to have both the Old Fest and Fest Bier on tap at the same time to experience the difference between old and new. Old Fest has an amber color, lots of malt flavors and a bit more rich than the Fest Bier. Similar ABV’s but a difference in color and flavor these two make great options for any Oktoberfest or fall beer drinking activities.

If you haven’t tried Chuckanut’s answer to the Bitburger Pilsner Challenge of making a German style pilsner lager you need to. If you had a blindfold on while drinking Nutburger you could swear you were sitting in a local German bierstube. Nutburger Pilsner is perfect to quench your thirst or accompany a good meal. With an ABV of 4.9% you can easily drink this one from a liter mug on your patio! Milder in flavor and strength than our normal Pilsner it’s a nice change and more delicate in than most Bohemian style pilsners. If you are looking to change up your Pilsner options this one’s for you.

With the Great American Beer Festival coming up our usual German style beers are coming out. Here’s your chance to catch up on the beers you love from Chuckanut. The collection includes Helles Lager (golden breakfast beer from Munich), Dunkel Lager (dark and delicious full of chocolate and coffee flavors), Mexican Style Lager (perfectly light in style and body, great with a dash of lime), Dortmunder, Rauch Helles, Rye Lager, Sticke Alt (dangerously smooth but high in ABV) and of course our regular Pilsner, Kolsch and Vienna Lager.

The Scarlet Ale (previously known as Ruby Ale) has returned as our seasonal ale for late summer to fall season. Considered uncommon in the world of beers today Chuckanut is excited to rediscover this old English style, sessionable ale. Its medium body is highlighted by toasted malt flavors balanced with hops, making Chuckanut Scarlet Ale a satisfying any-time-of-day tipple!

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