Chuckanut Brewery June Beer Releases

With summer just around the corner Chuckanut Brewery released the Chuckanut Summer Pale Ale, with lots of hop presence and bright, dry finish this pale gold ale is perfect for summer. It will be stocked throughout the season around the Sound for drinkers looking for something hoppy without being heavy. Chuckanut Summer Pale Ale is filtered and naturally carbonated, for a slightly stronger version of a premium bitter with 5% ABV and 40 IBU’s.

Chuckanut Rye Lager is out now for those looking for an amber colored beer. Chuckanut’s Rye Lager is a deep golden light amber color, with a malty, toasty flavor due to generous portions of rye malt and Spalt hops. This unique beer has a spicy rye bitterness rounded out with a creamy finish! Rye beers are an old style that is re-emerging across the American craft beer scene and every time we release it people are curious to try it out don’t pass it by.

Have you tried the Chuckanut Export Dortmunder Lager recently? It’s a thing of beauty and back by popular demand. Dortmunder features more malt flavor and alcohol heft than a Pilsner or Helles (5.8% ABV). Golden in color it’s malt body and hop bitterness give this lager a crisp, dry finish. In good supply but the brewery is not sure when another batch will be available this year.

Rauch Helles is back just in time for the bbq season!! You don’t have to be eating BBQ to enjoy a Rauch Helles. Chuckanut’s Rauch Helles captures the unique smoky flavors of the Rauch Lager with the gentle easy-going nature of the Helles Lager. This interesting beer has a light malty flavor spiked with mild smoky overtones due to the use of beechwood smoked malted barley. Around Seattle and Portland, OR in limited supplies.

As you might know Chuckanut released the Mexican Style Lager as the Seasonal Lager at the end of April but it was decided to keep it in stock throughout July, Sometime in June Chuckanut will release the Helles for mid-summer drinking but the Mexican Style Lager will continue to be in stock as well around the NW. A true style Mexican lager, like Bohemia, it has just enough malt to give it body but light enough to drink in multiples. This is sunshine in a glass!

Yes Helles Lager will come out in June to the enjoyment of all! Helles is probably one of the most difficult lagers to brew because there is nowhere to hide, it’s a naked beer. Helles Lager won Silver at the GABF last year (as well as multiple other years) and is the beer from Munich, Germany. Gold colored, bready and malty with just enough hops to balance out the sweetness this is the beer you drink by the liter! Available through summer, it has more body than you might expect from its light gold color.

For those that are requesting dark beers we have Dunkel Lager (the most awarded beer in WA state at the GABF, and with 2 World Beer Cups) and Sticke Alt (high alcohol Alt made with more ingredients and aged longer, a bit pricey but well worth it!).

If amber colored beers are the your favorites look for Skagit Harvest Ale made with a variety of Skagit Valley malts, Marzen Lager and the Alt. Alt and Harvest are from the Ale category while the tantalizing malt flavors of the Marzen come with this clean tasting Lager. The Vienna Lager is available year-round too.

And for something completely different and hoppy,

Chuckanut’s New World Hop Ale is out. It comes from a growing category called GPA (German Pale Ale). Using new world varietal German hops Calista and Ariana that impart fruity aromas and bitterness to a pale ale recipe, it is super refreshing. Any Chuckanut beer is sure to please and refresh, Cheers!

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