Chuckanut Brewery Wins Gold at GABF

Chuckanut Brewery has won a Gold Medal from the Great American Beer Festival 2022 for its Chuck Light Lager in the Light Beer category with 143 entries. The Brewers Association announced that this year’s festival had 9,904 beers entered across 177 different beer styles. This year 235 judges judged beer from 2,154 breweries across the USA. Only 300 medals were awarded to 268 breweries and Chuckanut was among them. Chuckanut is on the third most winning streak at the GABF. The streak would have been longer if Chuckanut had gotten into the 2013 competition, but it was sold out in a couple of hours and Chuckanut was too late to enter! Every year Chuckanut Brewery has entered the Great American Beer Festival over 13 years it has one at least one medal and some years up to four!


Chuck Light isn’t new to winning medals, it won Silver at the GABF in 2020 and Silver in the Best of Craft Beer in 2021. This little lager is made in the style of a low-calorie beer. Using a combination of light-colored malts and gentle hops with a dry finish, this balanced, easy drinking beer is for those that might want to watch their calorie intake (103 calories per 12 oz pour). Always delicious whether watching your weight or not, this lager is light in style and flavor and an all-day kind of beer. Great with salads, fresh vegetable and seafood dishes Chuck Light compliments rather than overpowers whatever is on your plate. Beautifully crispy, straw colored, thirst quenching and totally sessionable, no wonder Chuck Light won Gold!


Chuckanut Brewery brews award winning Lagers and Ales and has won Large Brewery of the Year at WA Beer Awards 2017, 2019 and 2021 and Small Brewery at the GABF 2011, GABF Small Brewpub 2009 and Small Brewery 2011 of the Year. The production facility and Tap Room is in Skagit Valley at 11937 Higgins Airport Way, Burlington, WA. Chuckanut Brewery’s P. Nut Beer Hall is at 920 SE Caruthers St, Portland.  Both locations welcome guests of all ages and have indoor and outdoor seating! Check out additional information about Chuckanut at

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