Chuckanut Brewery Wins Six Medals at North American Beer Awards

Chuckanut Brewery has been awarded 6 medals at the North American Beer Awards this year. The brewery received 3 Gold medals and 3 Silver medals from the 23rd annual blind tasting competition held in Idaho. Chuckanut’s Export Dortmunder Lager, Asian Style Lager and Alt Bier all won gold medals while the Mexican Style Lager, Maibock and Rye Lager all won silver medals.

Gold medal winning Chuckanut Export Dortmunder Lager is a burnished honey gold with a firm maltiness, medium-body, slightly sweet palate and a clean, dry finish. Dortmunder’s alcohol strength is stronger than Pilsner at 5.8% ABV. This beer style has been nearly lost in history as World War II was very hard on Dortmund and the beer was not brewed much after the war, Chuckanut tries to brew this delicious beer at least once a year. Chuckanut Asian Style Lager, gold medal winner, is brewed in collaboration with the Din Tai Fung Restaurants in Washington and Oregon. True to Asian style beers this lager is made with rice flakes for a light body, straw color, crisp and refreshing balanced lager. Balanced noble hops makes this the perfect accompaniment to Chinese style dumplings! This is the second gold medal for Alt Bier at NABA. The traditional German style old ale is malty with a snappy, hoppy finish and deep bronze in color, great with any kind of bratwurst.

Silver medal winning Mexican Style Lager is described as “sunshine in a glass”. Bright gold and using wheat malt from Skagit Valley makes this beer fresh and local as well as refreshing and sessionable. Maibock, silver medal winner, is the May Bock beer famous in Germany. Dark stone fruits, rich in body but light in color with moderate bitterness balancing out a slightly sweet, malt bill is easy to drink due to a lengthy lagering period of over 3 months. Rye Lager has won it’s first silver medal. Brewed rarely at Chuckanut this beautiful spicy amber lager is deep golden in color with lots of spicy flavors due to the generous portions of rye malt and spalt hops. The spicy rye bitterness is rounded out with a creamy finish for a unique lager. Enjoy all of Chuckanut’s well-made beers around Washington and Oregon states, prost!

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  1. Jadon tritt
    Jadon tritt says:

    Congrats to flyers and cardinal craft brewing! Flyers gold spitfire best bitter and cardinal silver Smokey the beer smoked scotch ale


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