Chuckanut Brewery Wins Two GABF Medals

Chuckanut Brewery has done it again! Chuckanut beer was awarded two medals from this year’s GABF (Great American Beer Festival). A Gold for Chuckanut Dunkel Lager and a Silver for Chuckanut Helles Lager were awarded at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver, Colorado September 22, 2018. The GABF 2018 had 8,700 beers in various categories by 2,450 breweries that were awarded 306 medals in specific beer-style categories. It is the largest commercial beer competition in the world. Award-winning brewers received prestigious gold, silver, and bronze medals in 102 categories that establish the best examples of each style of beer. The entries were evaluated by around 300 judges from around the world. This is the fourth time Chuckanut Dunkel Lager (2010, 2014 and 2017) has been awarded a Gold medal at the GABF and the first Silver Medal for Chuckanut Helles Lager (it was awarded Gold in 2011 & 2016).

Chuckanut’s Dunkel is a mahogany colored lager capped by an impressively sturdy tan head.  As in all lagers, the flavors in Dunkel are produced directly by the ingredients; in this case some of the malts have been deep roasted, giving Dunkel chocolate, coffee, and even licorice notes. There is just enough bitterness to balance out the sweet tasting malt creating a juicy dark lager beer. Chuckanut Brewery’s Dunkel has won not only multiple Gold GABF medals but also Silver GABF 2009 and 2012, Bronze GABF 2015, Gold World Beer Cup 2010 and Silver World Beer Cup 2014. Dunkel goes great with braised, roasted meats and is the perfect choice for bratwurst, bockwurst, and weisswurst. Fresh briny oysters are highlighted with the pairing of a pint of Dunkel Lager.

Chuckanut Helles Lager has is a golden, bready, light, fresh biscuity lager with a dry finish. As the Pilsner beer spread through Germany in the late 1800’s Munich’s response to the foreign pilsner was the “Helles”. Less hop flavor and bitterness than the Pilsner, the main highlight of the Helles is its bready, malty character. Today Helles beer is the everyday drinking beer in Germany. Its malty, balanced character makes it the breakfast beer in Munich. Helles lager has a well-developed bready flavor that rewards the drinker with sublime balance and a subtle, elegant maltiness. Helles goes very well with grilled sandwiches and pressed Panini. The malt character pairs up with nutty chickpea and sesame flavors as well as shellfish. Just about any pork dish matches beautifully with its maltiness. Whether drinking a dark or light beer Chuckanut Brewery has you covered with award winning choices for flavorful ales and lagers!

Chuckanut Brewery has two locations, the original Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen at 601 W Holly St, Bellingham with a full-service menu and European style award winning Lagers and Ales. And the new Chuckanut Brewery South Nut Taproom at 11937 Higgins Airport Way, Burlington in the heart of Skagit County. Check out Chuckanut Brewery at:

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