Chuckanut Brewery Two Amigos

Chuckanut Collaboration for SF2PFEST Now Available in Bottles

A new Chuckanut collaboration beer called 2 Amigos is now available in bottles around the Northwest. This great Mexican Style Dark Lager was brewed at South Nut with the help of the Skagit Valley College Brew  Program. Made with Skagit Valley Malt to showcase farmers and maltsters as well as the brew program at the county college, 2 Amigos follows a traditional Mexican-Style dark lager recipe. It’s an easy-drinking beer with smooth flavors and an effervescent light body despite its dark color. Great for a dark beer choice on a hot, beachy day!


The Skagit Valley College Brew Program is located in a nearby building to South Nut and is known as Cardinal Brewing. Our Operations Manager, Joe Heldt, was a graduate of their first graduating class and Chuckanut owners Mari and Will Kemper are on the steering committee for the program at the College. Skagit Valley Malt uses locally grown grains and malts them a block away from Chuckanut’s South Nut at the Port of Skagit. This friend centric beer celebrates all that’s local. Chuckanut’s 2 Amigos Mexican Style Dark lager celebrates all the friendships that have been developed over the years. Raise a pint to friends with Chuckanut’s 2 Amigos!

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