Beer_Snow_ChuckanutAt Chuckanut Brewery we are bracing for the next storm but it doesn’t stop us from brewing beer and we’ve got some very interesting ones coming out in February.

We’ve just introduced two new beers from Chuckanut last week. Ethan’s Table Saison is out and ready to roll. It’s a very traditional Table Saison in every way. Very light in color, using traditional saison yeast, it’s low in alcohol (2.7% ABV) and full on flavor, those people that like this style should be very happy about drinking it! In limited supplies it was a small batch brew at North Nut. There’s lots of banana and clove to keep tastebuds entertained! Also arriving last week was Chuckanut’s new Stout. This batch is an Oatmeal Stout so it has more body than the regular British style Stout from the past. It’s got a 4.5% ABV and goes down pretty easy. Lots of dark malts and roast with an easy finish, it’s not as fierce as you might think despite its dark color.

Coming up Chuckanut Doppelbock is tapped to celebrate Valentine’s Day. As a double bock the connection to Valentine’s Day is obvious!  It’s packaged in bottles and kegs but the bottles are only at select accounts around Bellingham and at Chuckanut’s two locations. This is part of the Big Bier Series of lagers and this one like the others, has aged more than 3 months in fermentation tanks! The ABV is 7.4% with lots of dark stone fruit and chocolate flavors and finishes so easy it’s deceiving!! For those that like full flavored rich beers, this is one you’ll want to try. If you get some bottles keep one in the back of your fridge to pull out on a special occasion as it can be aged a year if you like.

Marzen Lager will be coming out in late February. This is a new seasonal lager to the Chuckanut beer calendar 2019. It will be in supply February, March and into April. Marzen is a March beer that’s amber and incomparably smooth with a round and slightly sweet palate. Its spicy flavors complement the deep toffee like aroma. It’s a tantalizing lager and one that is hard to put down. Make sure everyone who’s a fan gets some.

Sticke Alt is in the tanks and will be available around the Sound the first week of March. This is the full bodied alt and super delicious. We don’t make it very often so it’s a special treat. And we continue to make sure to stock  Chuckanut Alt (the standard Alt) year round. Chuckanut Alt Bier is a German ale cold fermented, cold conditioned, and clean tasting with a snappy hop presence. If you haven’t tried it lately you will be delightfully surprised at just how crushable this beer is.

We are starting to stock up with more Pilsner, Kolsch and Vienna Lager as we move towards spring. If you are luck you might just find Fest Bier, Dunkel Lager, Bock, Baltic Porter, Oat Lager, New World Hop Ale, Rye Lager and Schwarzbier being poured in limited supplies so watch for them. Try them before they’re gone. Chuckanut hopes you all stay safe in this snowy weather and warm up with a pint of Chuckanut whether at home or in your favorite neighborhood pub!

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