March Beers from Chuckanut Brewery

March is known for many kinds of beers and Chuckanut will be releasing a lot of them and more soon. Marzen Lager is known as the March beer in Germany and Chuckanut’s Marzen is an award winner. St Paddy’s is the Irish celebration featuring Irish Stout, a favorite cold weather ale. And this March Chuckanut will release the first in their Brewers Namesake Series with our Marine Veteran Rick’s Lager, an orange colored lager with hoppy citrus pithy notes and a toasty finish. Another March beer is a collaboration with the new Twin Sisters Brewing in Bellingham. Before they have their brewery up and going we collaborated on an English style bitter called Nutty Sisters with them. 

Marzen (March in German) got the name because these amber lagers were traditionally brewed in March then lagered in ice caves and brought out for the fall harvest. The balance between bready, malty, juicy sweetness and firm bitterness makes traditional Marzen a most tantalizing beer. Irish Stout is a dry style of stout most commonly brewed by Guiness Brewery in Ireland. Chuckanut’s Irish Stout is clean and brisk with lots of roasted grain and coffee notes. It’s also very sessionable compared to other stouts like the Export style. The Namesake Series (each Chuckanut brewer will design and brew a beer from their own recipe) Rick’s Lager is a hoppy, orange colored lager with lots of orange bitter notes from the hops Rick used in his recipe. Bready and toasty with a strong hop presence this is a great drinking beer for the spring. And our collaboration with Twin Sister’s Brewing is a mild bitter dubbed Nutty Sisters. With an amber color, a backbone of hop bitterness and aroma, this traditional English style ale is easy drinking with a modest strength that allows for multiple pint consumption!

There’s lots of interesting Chuckanut beers to choose from this March. Make sure to stop by and expand your beer drinking horizons, if not at one of Chuckanut Brewery pubs then one of the many accounts in Puget Sound that offer Chuckanut Beers.

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