Rain Barrel Competition – Farmstrong Brewing

Did you know that beer is 95% water?  Skagit Farm to Pint has united water conservation, breweries, art, and Viva Farms altogether to create the Skagit Farm to Pint Roadshow Rain Barrel Project!  Skagit PUD donated and delivered the rain barrels to the participating breweries before the beginning of the Skagit Farm to Pint Roadshow, artists painted the rain barrels, and Viva Farms will be displaying the rain barrels at the Port of Skagit after the Roadshow ends.

Meet Farmstrong Brewing Artist Laura Childs

Laura Childs has been working at Farmstrong for over a year and volunteered her time to work on the rain barrel and contribute to the non-profit Viva Farms.  Laura is a Studio Art major at Western Washington University with a focus in mixed media arts which means she has a lot of art interests! “I enjoy drawing, painting, collaging, and most recently I have enjoyed spending my time doing ceramics,” says Laura.

Laura drew inspiration from many authentic aspects of Farmstrong Brewing including the Farmstrong chickens (which always manage to escape the coop) and Farmstrong’s famous Truck Shows.  Just last weekend, the Truck Show featured live music during the Skagit Cider Festival which was a fundraiser for Viva Farms.

When owner Todd Owsley asked the team if anyone would be interested in doing the painting, Laura knew this project was meant to be.  “I had so much fun designing and painting the water barrel, and I am super excited to see what the other barrels look like,” says Laura.

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