With the brewing industry booming here in Skagit Valley, pioneers have begun to respond with new and innovative ideas geared towards enhancing our community. A year ago, Skagit Valley College started a new program unlike any other program in their catalog.  A brewing academy for students was introduced – Cardinal Craft Brewing. This academy was created to encourage up and coming beer-lovers to engage in the expanding industry, and was the first of its kind in Washington state community colleges.

Skagit Valley College reached out to many different breweries around the valley to be on the Advisory Committee of this program, and many of them are part of our very own Skagit Farm To Pint family! Anacortes Brewery, Skagit River Brewery, and Flyers Restaurant & Brew all are a part of this great academy. The Skagit Farm to Pint community is coming together to teach novice brewers what the craft brew world is all about.

The Academy will help students learn the science behind beer, in the lab and in the classroom. Living in a valley where great beer is, quite literally, in our dirt will enhance the program exponentially. The Skagit Valley has extraordinarily unique soil and learning to brew beer from “farm to pint” is a truly a one of a kind experience.

The Academy will also provide a useful connection to local internships. These opportunities will help students to reach their career goals and will shine a light on Skagit Valley’s future in the craft and microbrewing industry.

Cardinal Craft Brewing has opened a tap room where you can taste the student craft brews for yourself! Check out our calendar for all of the scheduled tap room dates, and follow us on social media to keep up with new updates from our friends over at Skagit Valley College! Cardinal Craft Brewing is the newest addition to the Skagit Farm to Pint Ale Trail and Passport.  We stopped in to say hello and also take a beer brewing 101 lesson.  Bob was kind enough (and patient enough) to give us an introduction.

Here at Skagit Farm to Pint we love to see our community expanding and thriving, and hope you do too.