Going for a tractor ride on May 8th, 2017, Susan Welch of Skagit Valley Malting interviews Dan Gunderson while he is planting their first barley field of the year named NZ-151.  NZ-151 (two row spring variety) was bred by Washington State University breeders.  “The flavor has almost a rye note, nice clean finish and was also bred to encourage clarity, minimal post-refrigeration hazing,” say Susan.   Currently, Skagit Valley Malting is the only malt company working with NZ-151 – a robust, low protein variety with a distinctive flavor that grows exceedingly well in the Skagit Valley.  Offered as a Pale Malt, it is suitable for all types of ales, especially those that may require longer aging and/or shelf life.

Susan and the barley get together for regular visits.  The first picture is from 5/29/2017 and the pic with the taller plants was taken on 6/1/2017.  We will be adding more photos as the barley grows!

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