Chuckanut Brewery Wins Large Brewery at WA Beer Awards 2021

On November 5th the WA Beer Awards announced the winners of the WA Beer Awards competition amongst 142 WA state breweries. In a blind tasting format over 1,100 beers were evaluated using the Brewers Association Beer Style guidelines and Chuckanut Brewery won a total of seven Gold and Silver medals for their lager-style beers. Chuckanut Old Fest (Marzen style lager), Asian Style Lager, Rye Lager, Rauch Helles Lager each won Gold medals; Chuckanut Dunkel Lager, Chuck Light and Maibock each received a Silver medal. Winning four gold medals and three silver medals gave Chuckanut Brewery the title of Large Brewery of the Year 2021. This is the third year Chuckanut has won large brewery of the year since the WA Beer Awards competition was created in 2013.

Chuckanut Brewery’s Old Fest is a Marzen Lager, amber beer with a complicated and tantalizing mix of malts finished with enough hops to help create a dry spicy finish. The Asian Style Lager is a year-round Chuckanut beer that was created for the Din Tai Fung Dumpling Houses around Seattle and Portland, OR. It’s a refreshing golden-colored beer that makes a great accompaniment to Asian-style foods. Rye Lager is amber-colored and made unique due to the use of rye malts. A spicy rye bitterness is rounded out with a creamy finish for a smooth and easy-drinking beer. And the fourth Gold medal was awarded to Rauch Helles Lager, no stranger to awards. This delicately smoked Helles-style lager beer has won many Gold medals from multiple competitions over the years. Rauch Helles is a beer with a deep malty flavor spiked with mild smoky overtones due to the use of beechwood smoked malted barley.

The Silver medal awards included Chuckanut Dunkel Lager, a Munich style dark lager with a typical Chuckanut dry finish. Dunkel Lager is a balanced smooth beer with toffee & chocolate notes due to the use of Munich malts. Chuck Light is a light beer with a low ABV and fresh malty notes. This 3.8% ABV lager has only 103 calories per 12 oz pour! Surprisingly flavorful for a straw-colored beer it’s easy to drink! Chuckanut’s Maibock is on the other side of the ABV spectrum but easy to drink non the less. It is a big beer that’s full and malty but golden in color with a 7.4%ABV and aged over 3 months for a smooth rich finish.

Some of these award-winning beers are currently on tap at Chuckanut’s South Nut Tap Room in the heart of Skagit County and at selected accounts around the Sound and Oregon. When you get the opportunity to try a Chuckanut beer please enjoy yourself, prost!

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