Skagit Farm to Pint FEST Lineup for 2019

Whiskey Fever * Sky Colony * Jacob Navarro

Whiskey Fever

Jack Mattingly’s songwriting and story-telling is the perfect blend of heart, smarts, and humor. His musicianship, whether on guitar, banjo, ukulele or harmonica is confident and clean. Combined with the undertones of the rock, bluegrass, and folk that inspired him along the way, the music is compelling, honest, and most of all, engaging.

While Jack has seen terrific response to his solo music over the years, the addition of Andy Brown on drums, Dylan Dalgarn on bass, and Dennis Dorgan on electric guitar have taken the project to the next level. Since becoming Whiskey Fever, the band has continued to develop a significant following. Their live performances are something akin to an evening front porch jam session- no pretense, no pressure- just a good time gathering with a great group of friends; telling stories, having fun, and sharing a jug.

Sky Colony

The Sky Colony are a wholesome Cascadian indie folk rock group, focused on what matters most to them: creating music, and more importantly, their intention behind it. Since their formation in 2012, the story behind their sound has organically grown into one of personal empowerment and discovery. With complex instrumental layering, intricate harmonies, catchy hooks, and classic guitar solos, you have a complete experience of Skagit Valley, Washington’s “Best Band of 2018” by Cascadia Weekly.

The Sky Colony’s songs are a blend of simple melodies and complex harmonies. “It’s a mixture of the call of the Cascadian wilderness and an the 60’s psychedelia era” (Tom Franks, Folkwords UK). Time upon time it has been deemed ethereal. They create a sound of “luminous spirituality that sets a fire in the mind” (Scot Casey, What’s Up Magazine).

Jacob Navarro

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