Chuckanut’s New Biers for January 2020

Yes, we made it through the holidays and now we just have to get through the rest of winter. Chuckanut Brewery has help on the way with some exciting new and familiar beers that everyone loves. Of course, many of the beers are in limited quantities so make sure to try them when you see them because who knows if they will be there the next time you return!

Italian Style Pilsner is a collaboration with Chuck’s Hop Shop in Seattle and it was tapped December 27 but it’s almost gone! Wow, that went fast but you can still find it at Chuckanut’s two locations and Chuck’s until it’s gone. This is the hot pilsner style everyone is talking about these days. Using Italian grown pilsner malt as a backbone that delivers graininess and a slight honey sweetness it takes a back seat to the star of this beer, the hops. Noble hops Hallertau & Tradition are used for a clean bitterness and Tettanger & Saaz for flavor and aroma. This is a German Pilsner on steroids, highly drinkable with huge notes of spicy and herbal hops.

Rhinebier Ale is a new take on the Chuckanut classic Kolsch. Kolsch is specific to Cologne Germany on the Rhine river and with that in mind, Rhinebier is old school Kolsch meets new-school flair. Old School Mittlefruh hops interplay with new school Mandarina hops to give a pronounced orange zest character upfront that gives way to the classic grainy malt character of the traditional Kolsch. This ale has notes of graininess and malt with a refreshingly clean finish. 4.8% ABV, 25 IBU.

Schwarz Bier returns, “may the Schwarz be with you”! This black, coffee and bitter chocolate lager finishes smooth and bright despite its dark color. The lingering espresso-like aftertaste makes you want more! 5.2% ABV, 24 IBU.

Rye Lager will return by popular demand. A drinkable light-colored amber lager with a unique spiciness due to the Rye malt rounded out with a creamy finish and winner of multiple awards specific for this style of lager. 5.7% ABV, 35 IBU.

NEW Single Hop Lager Centennial is the fourth rendition in the Single Hop Lager series. This lager uses one of the most influential PNW hops with flavors and aroma of pine, citrus, and peach. Solid bitterness, sturdy malt backbone, and great hop flavor make this Single Hop Lager Centennial stand out! 5.5% ABV 38 IBU.

If you’re lucky you still might find Dortmunder Lager and Rauch Marzen Lager, a great golden lager that is a stronger, fuller style of pilsner and the smokey amber lager, get them if you can. Bock plus Baltic Porter both parts of the Big Bier Series are still available too, this is the only time of year Chuckanut makes these styles since they take 3 months in fermentation. There’s a good supply of Dunkel Lager for the Chuckanut seasonal winter lager which is one of Chuckanut’s most awarded lagers! Any way you look at it enjoy a Chuckanut beer to warm you up in this cold, wet weather and you’ll make it through the winter!

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