Homebrewers Go Local to Compete for the Heavy Medal

The 2020 Farm to Pint (F2P) Pale Ale competition slots are available starting December 3rd at Northwest Brewers Supply.  Only 50 slots are available, and last year sold out quickly.  Entry cost is $40 and includes malt donated by Skagit Valley Malting, yeast donated by Northwest Brewers Supply, and one general admission entry to the 2020 Skagit Farm to Pint FEST.  Proceeds benefit Viva Farms.

The homebrewers will have eight weeks to create their Pale Ale and are given 10 lbs. of Skagit Valley Malting Copeland Pale malt to be used as the primary base malt, along with American ale yeast.  Brewers can make their beers unique by using any amount and variety of specialty grains and hops. Winner of the 2019 competition, Ben Holm, says “I wanted to create a well-balanced beer with the available ingredients. I think the Pale Ale category was an excellent showcase for Skagit Valley Malting’s products, and that gave me a great starting position to try to keep the hop bitterness and flavors balanced with the subtle malt flavors from Skagit Valley Malting.”

The judging will take place in February at Cardinal Craft Brewing with 13 judges, including experienced judges, instructors, brewers, brewery owners, and Skagit Valley College Craft Brewing Academy students. “It will be interesting to taste the similarities with the malt and yeast used, but also the differences with how the brewers add their touch with other grains and hops,” says Trevor Lawrence, owner of Northwest Brewers Supply.  Tony Savoy, Cardinal Craft instructor, formatted the judging, which will include notes and scales on appearance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and style.

The winning beer is brewed by Cardinal Craft Brewing and served at the Skagit Farm to Pint FEST on April 4, along with more than 28 other beers from all 14 of the Skagit Valley breweries.  “Winning last year felt amazing.  The reaction from the crowd at the Skagit Farm to Pint FEST was excellent.  I still get comments from the brewing community a year later,” says Holm.

Three homebrewers will have some heavy medal to show off after the Skagit Farm to Pint homebrew competition awards during Skagit Beer Week at the Skagit Farm to Pint FEST 2020.

Ben Holm, Winner of the 2018 and 2019 F2P Homebrew Competition

Skagit Farm to Pint FEST 2019 Home Brew Competition

UPDATE:  The Home Brew Competition is now sold out as of 12/31/2018.  Good luck to all 50 brewers!

The 2019 Skagit Farm to Pint FEST home brew identicALE pale competition! Sign up at Northwest Brewers Supply starting Tuesday December 11th!

All home brewers take home the same bundle of ingredients:

5 gallon, All-grain pale ale recipe

Grains (Donated by Skagit Valley Malting)
-9 lb. Skagit Valley Malting copeland pale
-1 lb. Skagit Valley Malting munich
-.5lb. Skagit Valley Malting caramel 60L

Hops (Donated by North Sound Brewery)
2 oz. chinook
2 oz. centennial
2 oz. cascade

Yeast; (Donated by Northwest Brewers Supply)
1pk Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast.

Competition is limited to the first 50 entries! Brewers are to use all the grains provided, with no other additions. You can use any amount of the hops provided, with no other additions. You are to ferment your beer with the yeast provided.

You pay for entry and pick up ingredients at Northwest Brewers Supply starting Tuesday December 11th. Your competition entries must be dropped off at Northwest Brewers Supply by Saturday Feb. 16th (3x12oz amber colored bottles).

Entry fee is $30 which includes the above mentioned ingredients and 1 ticket to the Skagit Farm to Pint Festival (valued at $50). The winning beer will be brewed by Cardinal Craft Brewing and served at the Skagit Farm to Pint Festival. Proceeds from the Skagit Farm to Pint Festival go to the non-profit Viva Farms.